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about severina

You can call me Sev! I was born and raised in San Juan Capistrano. I’m the youngest of 5 daughters (yes it's crazy). I love spending time with my big, crazy family and my precious pups. I graduated from Chapman University with a degree in graphic design. Design truly is my passion; when I’m not working my 8-5 job as a corporate graphic designer, I’m doing freelance work on the side. I’m also working towards my interior design certification!


about blake

Blake is from Dana Point. He served in the Marines for four years after high school and now he’s a California State Lifeguard. He looks rough and tumble, but he is also the sweetest, goofiest, and kind-hearted man I know. He loves surfing, snowboarding, body boarding, mountain biking, and binge watching movies and tv shows. Blake loves to travel, especially for surf trips with his friends. His latest surf adventures took him to Norway and Barbados!  


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